short documentary


Sleep It Off is a short documentary and live performance film featuring the Boston-based band Gentle Temper. I directed this film back in 2017 in close collaboration with the band, Becca Peters, Cairo Marques-Neto, and the Pathos Pictures team. I really enjoyed this project and it was wonderful to be able to work with a larger team. Gentle Temper is producing some truly wonderful music. Gentle Temper: The documentary portions

The Cloud of Unknowing

A Trappist monastery in Spencer, Massachusetts and spiritual seekers in the city of Boston, offer a visual and observational exploration of contemplation, Christian mysticism and the quest for God. Anthony and I hope The Cloud of Unknowing resonates with spiritual seekers — theist and atheist alike. This film was a spiritual journey for us and we hope at the very least it can raise a question: What if there’s more