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Debrief: Free Solo

I’ll keep this one brief: my favorite part about Free Solo was how it brought documentary ethics into the film. It’s really neat to see those sorts of conversations happening on screen rather than off. I feel like documentary ethics are so essential to the medium and it’s great that a notable film has that component at the heart of its story. As documentary filmmakers, we need to respect our

Film Review: RBG

Ruth lost her mother, Celia Ginsberg, at age seventeen. However, she never stopped following her mother’s advice: “Always be a lady and always be independent.” 68 years later, Ruth Bader Ginsberg is still fighting for sex equality. Those words carried Ruth through Harvard Law, where she met her husband Mitch. Mitch is characterized as a loud, gregarious type; the complete counter to Ruth’s stoic, no-small-talk presence. Throughout Ruth’s career, Mitch