Sleep It Off Live EP

HD │ Stereo │ 2017

Sleep It Off is a short documentary and live performance film featuring the Boston-based band Gentle Temper. I directed this film back in 2017 in close collaboration with the band, Becca Peters, Cairo Marques-Neto, and the Pathos Pictures team. I really enjoyed this project and it was wonderful to be able to work with a larger team. Gentle Temper is producing some truly wonderful music.


Interview excerpt from Red Line Roots:

Gentle Temper: The documentary portions really felt like we were just hanging out – Wes Cannon (our director, with whom we’d already filmed a cover of Dry the River’s “Hammer”) is really good at capturing those honest, candid moments that you don’t really think about while filming. He’s got this way of editing and filming that’s so vulnerable and real, and he’s always down for an adventure. We’d definitely go back and do it again. Everyone we worked with was so eager and hardworking. It was a really fun project for us.