Christian Mysticism

Christian Mystic Navel-Gaze: a 30-day centering prayer challenge.

“Be still and know that I am God.”[1] I did a thing. I tried centering prayer for a month. Here’s my reflection. 7/10 would recommend. This was a hard month, but it left me with many new questions and experiences. Centering prayer doesn’t look like much. I sit down, usually in my desk chair, but whatever’s around will do. And that’s it. I just sit there in silence – sometimes

The Cloud of Unknowing

A Trappist monastery in Spencer, Massachusetts and spiritual seekers in the city of Boston, offer a visual and observational exploration of contemplation, Christian mysticism and the quest for God. Anthony and I hope The Cloud of Unknowing resonates with spiritual seekers — theist and atheist alike. This film was a spiritual journey for us and we hope at the very least it can raise a question: What if there’s more

A Snowy Day At Spencer Abbey

Spencer Abbey holds a very special a place in my heart. Much of the filming for The Cloud of Unknowing was done there, and the monks of Spencer have had a significant impact on me. This visual reflection comes from my first visit to Spencer. It was a cold March day in 2017. Snow idly drifted by. Anthony Farenwald and I brought a Bolex and shot some motion picture film