Artist Reel

With the launch of a new decade, I recently took a moment to look back on my work over the last ten years and organize all of my films into one place. It was a special experience seeing the first LEGO animations I ever made being in the same folder as some of my recent documentary or narrative projects. This reel isn’t a decade long retrospective, but it is the result of a more contemplative look at my own work. I wanted to take a slower approach to editing a reel. Often times reels are fast paced, but the kind of work I want to make isn’t fast — it’s quite slow. Taking my time, letting it breathe, etc. I originally set out to edit a producer’s, but by the end, I realized this was more of an artists’ reel. I feel a conviction to know my “why” with each film I’m involved with, and this reel is representative of those convictions. I’m really excited of the work I’ve been able to produce and all the incredibly talented people I’ve been able to work with, and I’m happy to share this supercut of that work.

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